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Portrait of Afro-Brazilian Craftswomen

Date : 2010-11-17 16:10:29

DescriptionCriola, a non-profit organization with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro, was founded and is operated by black women. Through our activities over the nine years we have been in operation, we have had a direct impact on over 3,000 women, adolescents and girls, as well as on institutions involved in serving this population. We work to incorporate black women as agents for change by contributing to the development of a society based on values of justice, equity and solidarity, wherein the presence and contribution of black women is welcomed as a benefit to humanity. Prepared for delivery at the 2001 meeting of the Latin American Studies Association, Washington DC, September 6-8, 2001

Name of InstitutionPortrait of Afro-Brazilian Craftswomen

Author(s) NameKristen Patin

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