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Status of natural dyes and dye-yielding plants in India

Date : 2010-11-17 15:35:47

DescriptionIndians have been considered as forerunners in the art of natural dyeing. Natural dyes find use in the colouring of textiles, drugs, cosmetics, etc. Owing to their nontoxic effects, they are also used for colouring various food products. In India, there are more than 450 plants that can yield dyes. In addition to their dye-yielding characteristics, some of these plants also possess medicinal value. Though there is a large plant resource base, little has been exploited so far. Due to lack of availability of precise technical knowledge on the extracting and dyeing technique, it has not commercially succeeded like the synthetic dyes. Although indigenous knowledge system has been practised over the years in the past, the use of natural dyes has diminished over generations due to lack of documentation. Also there is not much information available on databases of either dye-yielding plants or their products. In this article we review the availability of natural dyes, their extraction, applications, mordant types, advantages and disadvantages. Keywords: Colourants, mordants, natural dyes, plants.

Name of InstitutionStatus of natural dyes and dye-yielding plants in India

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