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E-commerce options for Third World craft producers (Final technical report)

Date : 2010-04-21 22:44:22

DescriptionHow can craft producers take advantage of the Internet and e-commerce opportunities to sell their goods and benefit their families and communities? This study, funded by the UK Government Department for International Development (DFID), examines e-commerce opportunities for craft producers. The research project aimed to focus the main part of its activities on capturing the experiences to date of actual producers in India and Bangladesh; to assess their felt needs, and to present groups with options to enable them to use the Internet and e-commerce for sustainable development of small businesses. While the research necessarily also involved a number of existing 'Northern' UK/US trading organisations, the research was not focused on their institutional needs, but on those of the producers themselves. The research was intended to be enabling for these groups, and aimed to present options to empower them with appropriate and locally-owned technology (...).

Name of InstitutionE-commerce options for Third World craft producers (Final technical report)

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