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Title Date Author(s) Name  
Les instruments de musique Africaine entre Tradition et Modernité. Ndèye Niang more
ArtisanConnect-Newsletter Été more
ArtisanConnect-WinterNewsletter more
Exhibitor brochure – Heimtextil 2013 22/02/2013 more
The Royal Golden Silk: The Revival of an Ancient Khmer Art 22/02/2013 Onie Luna more
Creative Industries in South Africa-An Analysis more
Newsletter Autumn 2012 more
OXFAM: Enterprise Development Programme 10/09/2012 Giulia Macola more
Heritage for Development: Challenging the Comfort Zone 09/27/2012 Giulia Macola more
Directory of Development Organizations 09/25/2012 Giulia Macola more
Arts Management Newsletter 110 08/17/2012 Giulia Macola more
ArtisanConnect Newsletter Summer 2012 08/07/2012 Susanne Shenja more
Designing for Social Change: How can collaborations between Western designers and African grassroots craft projects be most successful? 05/04/2012 Sarah Rhodes more
ArtisanConnect Newsletter Winter 2011/2012 02/20/2012 Susanne Shenja more
Book Review Of Natural Dyes and Home Dyeing 02/03/2012 Susanne Shenja more
Designing Sustainable Packaging – Eco-Friendly Arts and Crafts (Book review) 02/03/2012 Susanne Shenja more
Brazilian Calendar of Exhibition and Fairs 2012 01/25/2012 Susanne Shenja more
Palm leaf handicrafts in Hadramout 01/23/2012 Susanne Shenja more
How To Take Care Of Luxury Fibres 11/29/2011 Giulia Macola more
Development of Natural Fibre Composites in India 11/29/2011 Giulia Macola more
The Cotton Trade 11/29/2011 Giulia Macola more
Crazy challenge 11/29/2011 Giulia Macola more
Art that matters 11/29/2011 Giulia Macola more
Exclusive Ways for Marketing Crafts during Recession 11/02/2011 Giulia Macola more
Banda Village Bamboo and Handicraft Project Plan 11/02/2011 Giulia Macola more
IEU Features Traditional Handicrafts of the Ukrainian People (March 2011 newsletter) 11/02/2011 Giulia Macola more
Handloom Marketing in Rohilkhand 10/29/2011 Parnil Verma more
CRAFT CULTURE IN TURKEY 10/03/2011 Giulia Macola more
STATUS STUDY OF TRIBAL HANDICRAFT 10/03/2011 Giulia Macola more
Factors That Affect Growth 10/03/2011 Giulia Macola more
How to Take Care of Wood Handicrafts? 10/03/2011 Giulia Macola more
Wood Carving: How to Choose the Right Style? 10/03/2011 Giulia Macola more
Developing a Promotional Plan 10/03/2011 Giulia Macola more
Selling Arts and Crafts at Museum Gift Shops 06/16/2011 Giulia Macola more
ArtisanConnect Newsletter – June 2011 06/08/2011 Giulia Macola more
UNDP Concludes Handicrafts Training Programme in Lhaviyani Atoll 05/30/2011 Giulia Macola more
Reinventing the handicrafts industry of Yemen 05/30/2011 Giulia Macola more
Home decor show attracts importers 05/30/2011 Giulia Macola more
Why local handicrafts finding it hard to compete 05/26/2011 Giulia Macola more
Creative Nirvana: Artistic handbags created from junk! 05/26/2011 Giulia Macola more
The Five Types of Crafts 05/26/2011 Giulia Macola more
Writing a Good Product Description 05/26/2011 Giulia Macola more
KYBELE design & handicraft project for and by Turkish women and disabled 05/24/2011 Giulia Macola more
UNDP Pilots Handicrafts Project in Lhaviyani Atoll 05/24/2011 Giulia Macola more
‘Bamboo mystic’ wins markets, promotes green living 05/17/2011 Giulia Macola more
Arts and Crafts Business Incubators: Providing Assistance for New and Emerging Artists and Crafters 05/16/2011 Giulia Macola more
Where are Vietnamese goods in the global value chain? 05/16/2011 Giulia Macola more
Wrapping Up 2011 Arts and Crafts Trends 05/16/2011 Giulia Macola more
Rainbow Children’s Home Handicraft Project 05/13/2011 Giulia Macola more
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